Chazutsu Registry

Our Chazutsu are made of copper, brass, tin or silver in a wide range of sizes. Some will cherish their Chazutsu throughout their lifetime with deep affection. Others may become collectors of many Chazutsu. Still others will choose to have Chazutsu as part of their interior decoration. Chazutsu will compliment any lifestyle.

Materials:Copper,Brass,Tin,Silver (custom order only)

Scoops(Copper,Brass,Tin,Silver (custom order only))Small:53mm×35mm Medium:68mm×35mm Large:78mm×35mm
 The conventional type images,The push down type images
There are two kinds of inner lids (all inner lids are made of tin).The conventional type...closes the cylinder.The push down type...minimizes excess air between the inner lid and the contents.

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