Copper Precious Box , x-small w/wooden lid(cedar)

Size of item : Height 45mm × Diameter 78mm

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Precautions for care:

- Please do not heat or use with an IH stove nor in a microwave.

- If you put in something hot, the connecting part may conduct heat and cause the lid to come off. In addition, brass and copper both conduct heat and may cause the item to become hot. Please be careful not to burn yourself.

- Please do not use for liquids especially sauces, carbonated liquids and acidic juices.

- Due to high humidity, please do not put in the refrigerator.

- In the case of a wooden lid, it may become warped over time due to the nature of the natural materials.

- Please avoid saving contents inside the item for an extended period of time.

- If moisture comes in touch with the item, it may change color but the item will still function properly.

Precautions when washing with water:

- Please only wash with only water or very mild detergents and immediately dry completely.

- Please use a soft sponge or cloth when washing. A course sponge may cause the item to become scratched.

- Please do not use in the dishwasher.