Copper Coffee 300g
w/handle with coffee spoon

Size of item : Height 215mm × Diameter 110mm

※incl. handle

The number in the item’s name is for the quantity of coffee beans.

The inner lid is conventional type and it fits snuggly inside the caddy.

Brass spoon is included. The spoon is fit on the inner lid.

【Abount shipping date・payment】

We have recently received many orders. Shipping times may vary depending on the order We'll send you mail to let you know about the shipping date after the confirmation of your order.
Please note that the payment will be completed immediately after your order.

【About material】

- Kaikado tea caddies are made with a double structure using tinplate for the inside.

- The tinplate we use is tinplate board made by a traditional manufacturing method called "DOBOZUKE". It's different from normal tinplate. It doesn't have a complete mirror surface but is dull finished.

Precautions for care:

- Please do not heat or use with an IH stove nor in a microwave.

- If you put in something hot, the connecting part may conduct heat and cause the lid to come off. In addition, brass and copper both conduct heat and may cause the item to become hot. Please be careful not to burn yourself.

- Please do not use for liquids especially sauces, carbonated liquids and acidic juices.

- Due to high humidity, please do not put in the refrigerator.

- In the case of a wooden lid, it may become warped over time due to the nature of the natural materials.

- Please avoid saving contents inside the item for an extended period of time.

- If moisture comes in touch with the item, it may change color but the item will still function properly.

Precautions when washing with water:

- Please only wash with only water or very mild detergents and immediately dry completely.

- Please use a soft sponge or cloth when washing. A course sponge may cause the item to become scratched.

- Please do not use in the dishwasher.

【Proper care and handling of your tea caddy】

- Do not wash the caddy (we thoroughly sanitize each caddy prior to shipment).

- Do not place the caddy in a refrigerator or freezer as the material is susceptible to moisture and humidity.

- If you should get water on your caddy, please wipe it off with a soft dry cloth and gently rub caddy to avoid moisture spots.

- After your purchase you will perceive a normal yet subtle change in the colour tone of your Chazutsu: copper in 2-3 months, brass in 1-2 years and tin in 3-5 years. Like fine wine Chazutsu becomes even more appreciated with age.

- It is important to lift the top of the caddy lid softly from the body in order to prevent any possibility of damage.

- When closing the caddy lid please adjust the joint line on the lid with the joint line on the body. This will allow the lid to go down slowly by itself and the air will be released from the caddy. Gently push the lid at the last moment. This will prevent air from entering the caddy.

銅、ブリキ、真鍮と比べて色変化をあまりせず、除菌性がある素材「クリーンブライト CLEANBRIGHT®」を使ったお茶筒です。


「クリーンブライト CLEANBRIGHT®」は、シャンパンゴールドとも言える色で、日本語で言えば「金」と「おうど色」。「おうど色」は「淡黄」とも呼ばれていて、ちょうど夏目漱石が草枕の中で、木蓮の花の色を『あたたかみのある淡黄に』と表現しているのも印象的でした。 そして、もともと素材が銅合金でもあるので「淡黄銅(たんおうどう)」と呼んでいます。








In the realm of materials where artistry meets utility, behold the exquisite 'CLEANBRIGHT®' tea canister, a material that remains resplendent, immune to tarnish over time, and imbued with the enchantment of antimicrobial prowess.

Reference Website: Mitsubishi Materials Trading Co., Ltd.

Drawing inspiration from the champagne gold spectrum, 'CLEANBRIGHT®' is a chromatic masterpiece akin to the radiant luster of pure '金' (gold) and the delicate hues of 'おうど色' (oudo-iro), or 'rich pale yellow,' in the elegant tapestry of the Japanese language. As the great Natsume Soseki penned in his literary masterpiece 'Kusamakura,' magnolia blossoms bear a hue that is 'warm and pale yellow,' a sentiment that harmonizes beautifully with our vision.

Furthermore, as 'CLEANBRIGHT®' finds its origin in the noble realm of copper alloys, it embraces the epithet 'Tanoudou' (淡黄銅, pale yellow copper) with grace and distinction.